AeroWorld Logistics  Phils., Inc.

About Us

Company Profile

What we are in brief

       What began as a humble sole proprietorship with lofty goals in 1992 (Aerotrans Cargo International) gradually grew into a modest corporation (AWC-Aerotrans Worldwide Corporation). We did that in only four years. Today, it is the AEROWORLD LOGISTICS PHILIPPINES, INC., a 100 percent proudly Filipino-owned company still with an eye on towering goals but with feet planted firmly on the ground. Domestic and international forwarding as well as customs brokerage are our chief strengths. We are slowly building a name in the circuit for what even our competitors call “the outstanding work” that we do.

what sets us apart

         We are young company. That makes us dynamic and constantly open to challenges. We are also prepared to make improvements where they are necessary. With our youth goes the vitality and verve to get things done-fast and economical. The enthusiasm is apparent in our staff of young professionals who are not only qualified and clever. A good number among us are licensed customs brokers. Collectively, our training backgrounds, experience and networks can put the most established logistics firms to shame. The company philosophy is etched on our faces and branded in our smiles: prioritizing the client’s needs. Actualizing this philosophy brings us a yield many companies envy: Client loyalty. Many of our clients have remained with us since the 90’s.